Synergy between mechanics and automation

This is the focus of the new adv campaign concept.

A hand, which has always represented the idea of help, cooperation and service, turns now into a robot. It is the hand of a droid, green as Lattuada soul, which conceptually integrates itself in the machines to create a synergy that brings better performances in terms of time, quality and productivity.
The black background gives a particular intensity in order to support the concept of high technology and it creates a nice contrast with the machines’ metal.
The campaign will be composed by 3 subjects, which will analyze the different values of ‘automation’: the "new era" of the mechanical engineering.

Automation is a more and more important theme: the need to offer top quality products by keeping flexible, increasing productivity and decreasing the costs.
That’s why our machines can be integrated with:

  • robots installed between two or more grinders (most common application is with two machines and one robot).
  • ‘loop’ systems that can be installed on a single machine, to automate and speed up the work cycle, thus obtaining increased optimization of productivity: the easiest, most flexible and simple solution. The system can load the glasses, bring them from the outlet conveyor to the inlet conveyor rotating them 90°. Also available with automatic load/unload from harp racks management.
  • piece rotating devices for complete grinding lines.
  • complete vertical lines of harp racks, edging, washing, drilling and milling.