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Vitrum 2023: proud to be present

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Lattuada NA Italian History American Vision

Lattuada North America was founded in 2017 with the desire…

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Lattuada North America: the new website is online!

Italian history, American vision: Lattuada North America is the American…

Lattuada NA Italian History American Vision

Lattuada North America was founded in 2017 with the desire to strengthen the spread of the machines offered by Adelio Lattuada and to propose targeted services to the US market. We are therefore inextricably linked to our parent company and love to share in its successes and achievements.

In the history of Adelio Lattuada, a new step towards the future has recently been taken: a rebranding activity that has given rise to a new image, a new skin that represents the company and that – inevitably – also involves us!

Adelio Lattuada’s rebranding activity succeeded in achieving a communication that reflected exactly what the company is today, after 45 years in business. Specifically, after redefining the deeper contents and bringing out the key values, Adelio Lattuada carried out an important activity that made the company’s image a clear expression of its essence.

This included the decision to remove the name ‘Adelio’ from the logo to leave only ‘Lattuada’, a term that emphasises the fact that the company is a Family Company and will always be one; the restyling of the logo, with a new font and a new pictogram, more modern and with a strong visual impact; and the addition of a pay-off, which was given the task of conveying in just two words what Lattuada is and does: ‘Adding Value’. Finally, once the contents and stylistic aspects had been defined, the new image was deployed in every online and offline communication tool to spread it all over the world. America included!

The company is still the same, but with a new face: Lattuada, Adding Value!

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