Vidraria Armando, LDA
Baguim Do Monte (Portugal)


Relationships Adding Value: Our Story with Vidraria Armando, LDA.

We have a twenty-year relationship with Vidraria Armando, LDA. Over this long period, we have installed several edging machines at their company, including the most recent one, the TLR 11 AV C PC H85 straight-line edging machine.

Let’s listen to the words of one of the three co-owners of the company, Mr. Armando Pinto Ribeiro, who highlights the main reasons why he consistently chooses Lattuada machinery and the technicians who work with our edging machines on a daily basis.

“Lattuada is the Ferrari of straight-line edging machines,” that’s how they describe us!

What else are people saying about us?
Watch the video now to find out!

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